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Rule 27: Ball Lost/Out of Bounds

So we took a couple of weeks off for the holidays but we don’t want to get sidetracked from honing up on the Rules of Golf before the season starts and we are more interested in our golf game, golf fashion and interesting golf stories. For me, that is so much more interesting to write […]

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Rules of Golf – Nearest Point of Relief

Rule 24B – Often when a player’s ball comes to rest on the cart path someone in the foursome is questioning “where is the nearest point of relief”?  That must be because the rule does not seem to be clear. Pam Brosnihan, head professional at Quail Ridge CC in Boynton Beach, FL makes it perfectly […]

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Rules of Golf – Padraig Harrington Talks the Rules of Water Hazards

This is a good opportunity to review the rules of the water hazard from the eyes of Padraig Harrington. I selected the pro golfer’s video as he explains the same rule in his way. Perhaps a review told in different words and video will help the rule stick firmly so that next time we are […]

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Rules of Golf – Video Explaination

Now that the weather has gotten cold and for the most part we have put our clubs away perhaps this is the time to  review the rules of golf at our leisure.  I have read  the USGA rules book and I have gone to local rules review courses but I don’t know the rule when I need […]

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John Denver live – 18 holes circa 1992

Just hearing John Denver’s voice make me nostalgic, so as soon as I saw this you tube with John Denver I just could not resist listening.  First of all it is fun to know that he was a golfer.  Not only a golfer he experienced as much difficulty with the game as I so.  The only […]

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Breast Cancer Testimonial

We are proud to say that this is the BEST compliment that we have received for our Golf ClubSox ever!  We thank you Francee E.  We wish you and all our friends and family good health and much support in our fight against breast cancer!  

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The Strangest Two Putt

Putting is not as easy as it looks.  Every golfer will tell you that they have hit a putt, or many, that did not rolled as the golfer thought it would.  Greens are hard to read.  Some people have a better knack at it than others, but honestly how many times did you think the putt was […]

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What’s in Your Pocket? A Rory McIlroy Story

Golf is a very unusual game with many rules and regulations.  Most of us amateur golfers know  some of the rules but fail to learn all of the tricky and complicated rules that the USGA book maps out for us.  At all the professional tournaments there is a team of officials that are called upon […]

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Is This 3-year-Old Golf Prodigy the Next Tiger Woods?

We have all heard of Soccer Moms but have we ever heard of Golf Moms? Several weeks ago I shared a video of Phil Michelson playing with a golf ball and children’s clubs at a very early age. We have all seen the Tiger Woods video shown on Johnny Carson with him carrying his small […]

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Diamond in the Rough and a Wardrobe Malfunction at Recent PGA Tournaments

Each PGA and LPGA tournament offers many surprises. Some are for the players and others are for the spectators. In the Bridgestone tournament held last weekend in Akron, Ohio Sergio Garcia had the most unusual surprise. He teed off on #3 pulling his drive way to the right, over the trees and into the crowd. […]

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