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logo1 Best of the Best – When The Local Golfer a popular blogger, runs across a golf product that he thinks he would like to buy, he wants to check it out. He asks “will it work for me, would I put it in my bag, and would I recommend it to my readers?” See what he has to say about Golf ClubSox here.

Choosing the Perfect Golf ClubSox Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 3.10.29 PM– In the Mid Atlantic we have only had a handful of golf friendly days so far this Spring. The wind has been roaring making the days feel more like March than April. Maybe you have not had the opportunity to play golf yet but you certainly have considered getting out on the course. My clubs are loaded in the back of my car. I have checked my bag for balls and gloves, rain and wind gear and club head covers. Do you have covers on your driver, wood, and rescue clubs? Did you know that club covers actually serve a purpose? We need them to protect the heads and shafts (particularly the graphite shafts) from damage. ClubSox fit snug on your club head and close to your shaft. Maybe it is time to rethink protecting your clubs in style. Consider dressing up your bag with some fashionable club head covers. Put aside the corporate branded club covers that came on your clubs. Add some of your personality into your game with custom ClubSox? Let’s walk you through the designs and colors that has to offer which will result in a fashionable and functionable product just for you.


Too much fun!

Too much fun!

Select a design – There are a variety of designs ranging from simple to complex. You can choose just one Sox or cover as many clubs as you wish. Mix and match the designs or go with the same style for all your clubs. Both look fantastic! Pick a Letter for your Driver and Numbers for your fairway woods. Be creative, show your personality and get what you like!

Select your colors – The more complicated designs have color selections already chosen for you. If you want to change those colors, go ahead. The simpler designs are ready for you to select your favorite colors. Match your bag, pick your school colors, support your favorite team or pick your favorite color. Do you love purple, orange or maybe pink? We offer a rainbow of colors to make you happy.

Be Unique – Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 7.01.29 PM Golf ClubSox are well designed. For decades golfers have been revealing personality through their golf bags. There are all sorts of covers on the market – dogs, cats, tigers, goofy puppets, sharks, you name it. As cute as they are, they are bulky and most never fit securely on your club. Try something that has clean designs and functions well on your clubs. They can even be washed. Dress up your bag one club cover at a time with custom Golf ClubSox – If you need help give us a call at 703.356.7824.

From the designers at ClubSox


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