Demystifying the Nearest point of Relief

We have shared a lot of information on the nearest point of relief from immovable objects, moveable objects, abnormal objects and hazards but there are nuances in dropping the ball that may seem TRICKY. I had this experience in a tournament and was accessed 2 penalty strokes.  I took 1 club relief and dropped my ball which rolled down a hill before it stopped.  Since it rolled beyond my mark, I quickly picked up the ball to redrop when my opponent  informed me that I misinterpreted the rule. I was SHOCKED. I thought that I knew the rule but I was WRONG. The most important thing mentioned in this video is that the ball can roll up to 2 club lengths from the tee marking the outer limit of the 1 club length marking. I mean if you drop the ball and it lands within your 1 club marking but rolls down a hill, it can roll up to 2 additional club lengths (no closer to the hole).  Check out this video by Tracy Tresider so that YOU are NOT caught in the same situation that I was.

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