Golf Giveth and Golf Taketh Away

Unlucky golferLast week we shared the joy of players who had lady luck on their side when they hit the Luckiest Golf Shots Ever.

But luck is a fickle friend and can quickly go from good to “oh so bad”. In fact, some golfers feel that if it wasn’t for bad luck, they’d have no luck at all.

So here are our top 5 picks for the unluckiest shots in golf:

#5: Pin Pain

#4: Sergio’s Amazing Tree Iron

Although the video doesn’t show the unlucky shot that got El Niño into tree trouble, his escape shot is worth waiting for…

#3: Broken by the Big Break

#2: Lefty’s Unlucky Leaf

Could be the unluckiest shot of all time, but Phil still took home the green jacket..,

Unlike Tiger Woods in 2013…

#1: From Masterful to Miserable

So those are our unlucky shots; what are some of yours?

Please share them below in the comments or post them on our Facebook page and tweet them to us @GolfClubSox.

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Cartoon credit of woman golfer: Vlad Kolarov

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