Golf On Guys and Gals!

We’ve all heard the myth that GOLF is an acronym for “Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden”.  And although it’s a ridiculous saying, it’s not surprising that it still rings true for many women who feel unwelcome in this male-dominated sport.

Thankfully there are some initiatives that are making golf more inclusive and many courses are finally laying out the welcome mat for women (Hey, even Augusta National started inviting female members in 2012).

Maybe that’s why in a recent survey in the UK, 56% of women who didn’t golf said they were interested in taking up the sport.  Great!

But it also found that ~59% of female golfers said they sometimes feel intimidated by other members and club staff.  Not great.

Then a study out of the University of Exeter revealed that the quality of a golf guy’s game depends on how happy he is at home. Interesting…

Okay, so what does all of this data tell us?  Well, to me it says two things”

More women want to play golf, but they’re still afraid to try it.


A man who wants to improve his golf game should work on his marriage.

Put the two pieces together and the conclusion is clear

Guys, give your gals the gift of golf.

ClubSox for Golf Guys and Gals

Couples who play together stay together

For men who see golf as their escape from their honey-do list, there are a ton of reasons why getting your better half  into the game can be rewarding.  Here are just 10 (in no particular order):

  1. You’ll play golf more often
  2. You’ll make more golf “couple friends”
  3. You’ll never have to tiptoe out at 5:30 AM to play golf with the guys. Make as much noise as you like – she’ll already be at the club playing with her golf gal pals.
  4. You’ll lower your handicap
  5. You’ll enjoy more golf getaways and fewer trips to the “outlaws”
  6. You’ll never be stumped over what to buy her for Valentines/Birthdays/Mother’s Day/Xmas – Golf gals love golf gifts!
  7. You’ll get great golf gifts for your special occasions rather than all those ugly ties
  8. You’ll stop dreaming about playing courses on your bucket list because your dreams will become reality
  9. You won’t have to fight over the TV remote because you’ll both want to watch the Golf Channel
  10. You’ll be healthier, happier and live longer

So guys, do yourself a favor and get your gal into golf.  But, and this is a HUGE but…NEVER, EVER, NEVER try and teach her yourself. Find her a professional golf coach who has been successful helping women golfers discover the joys of golf.  If you don’t, you’ll quickly turn her potential love for this great game into loathing.

And ladies, don’t ever let these words leave your lips, “Honey, what am I doing wrong?”  Trust me, you’ll live to regret them.  It will be tough for your golf guy not to give some advice on the course, but set the ground rules up front on the first tee – only 3 tips in 18 holes.  After that, he has to add strokes to his game.

Now, golf on guys and gals and discover that the old adage, “Couples who play together, stay together” is more truth than fiction.

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