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If you look around many of the private golf courses in North America you’ll probably see a lot of women dressed like this…

And few, if any, outfitted in the more athletic look sported by Big Break NFL Champion – Emily Talley…

golf fashion

It’s wonderful to see that through some innovative “outside the collared-shirt” thinking, more and more golf fashion designers are coming up with unique ensembles to match every golfer’s personality and style — fashions which push the patience of traditionalists, but still make their way to the fairways on the LPGA, PGA and The Big Break.

Although I enjoy the Big Break series for the golf, I’m always delighted each week to see what the contestants will wear to showcase their skills, spirit and panache.   Big Break Florida is taking golf fashion to a new level this season.

I was sad to see Courtney Coleman leave the show so early – I was really hoping to see more of her flouncy feminine frills like the one she wore for her BB profile pics.

Courtney Coleman - Big Break Florida

In stark contrast, we’ve got Sadena Parks’ taste for trousers, which look terrific on her trim and fit figure.

Sadena Parks - Big Break Florida

Then there’s Lauren Sullivan’s luscious look that works from fairways to runways.  Stunning!

Lauren Sullivan - Big Break Florida

And don’t Jackie Stoelting’s LOUD legs look terrific?

Jackie Stoelting - Big Break Florida

Yes these babes of Big Break Florida play their own game and strut their own style…except when it comes to their golf bags…

Adams Golf Bags

I can’t help but wonder what ClubSox designs they would choose if they could dress up their new Adams golf bags to match their unique personalities.  Here are my picks for Courtney, Sadena, Lauren and Jackie.

ClubSox for Big Break Florida Ladies


Whatever the choice and no matter who walks home with the big prize, all of these ladies should be applauded for “breaking” out of the pack with a game and fashion sense that’s all their own.

Play well ladies!
From all your fans at Golf ClubSox

Photo Credits:
 Golf girl with clubs - Dreamstime ID 28342571 © Andrey Popov
 Big Break Contestants - Golf Channel
Disclaimer: ClubSox is not a sponsor of, or endorsed by, Big Break Florida or the Golf Channel. 

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