Is This 3-year-Old Golf Prodigy the Next Tiger Woods?

We have all heard of Soccer Moms but have we ever heard of Golf Moms? Several weeks ago I shared a video of Phil Michelson playing with a golf ball and children’s clubs at a very early age. We have all seen the Tiger Woods video shown on Johnny Carson with him carrying his small bag of clubs and playing the game at 3. Are there more of these children around? It seems that there are. Here we see “Baby James” hitting over water, putting and really enjoying himself. His “Golf Mom” takes him to practice several times a week and he has played in tournaments for young prodigies. There must be plenty of these kids around to sponsor local tournaments for this age group.

Is this any different than seeing very young ice skaters or other young children pursuing a sport at a very young age? ┬áProbably not, but Jacqueline Stenson gives some good insight and advice in her article for MSNBC called “Pushing too hard too young”. She says when you take away the fun factor in sports kids can burn out. When parents identify gifted talent in one of their off spring they want to capitalize on it and help the child’s skill level grow. Stenson reminds us that coaches take the sports seriously and play to win. More talented younger children often play with older children not with their friends. Some survive this push and others would rather be with their peers. “Baby James” seems to be having a great time. Do you think his Golf Mom has a good handle on this? Will “Baby James” Grimes be the next Tiger Woods? Check out this video and let me know your thoughts.

ABC News shares this wonderful video

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