Rules of Golf: Touching the Rake

Since there is no golf rule specific to where to place the bunker rake, each club has it’s own local rule. Some place it’s in the bunker, others leave it out, and I have seen some half in half out (I guess they cannot make up their mind). In any case, it is challenging to know just where the greenskeeper would like us to leave the rake. In the situation that I am describing below the rake is left in the bunker. So, it’s not unlikely that a bunker should catch your ball during a round of golf. If the rake is in the bunker it’s not unlikely that your ball may rest against the rake. Since this is a man made moveable object you may mark your ball, move the rake, and place the ball at your mark without taking a stroke. I wonder what happens if the rake is outside the bunker and the same situation occurs. I’d like to assume the same ground rules. If you know differently please leave a comment below. Enjoy Liz McKinnon’s explanation in this video below.

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