USGA Rule-Ball Striking & Resting Against the Flagstick

Finally, we can see the end of this winter. The weather is getting better and very soon the golf courses will be open for play. Team matches will be starting and it is good to know the Rules of Golf to the best of our ability. I am trying to select videos that show situations that we can relate to. One day you may find yourself in need of one of these rules. With that in mind today’s video in about the putting green. Remember if the ball hits the flagstick or another person on the green it is a penalty. Whether it is one stroke or two depends on match play or stroke play. Did you know if the ball is chipped up to the green and lands touching the flagstick but not down in the hole it MAY NOT be considered holing out. If the flag is removed and the ball falls into the cup, YES, you have holed out. BUT, if the ball rolls out onto the green it must be placed on the edge of the cup for a tap in. Bummer! Take a look and let me it this was helpful.

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