USGA Rule – Immovable Obstructions

I was searching the internet for some interesting you tubes regarding the rules of golf and came across these animated videos. They are a bit stiff in the presentation but they do clearly describe and demonstrate the rules with examples. So I am going to share them with you while you dust off your clubs that are  still in the garage or the basement.

This first video is about immovable obstructions. What is an immovable obstruction and what can we do to enhance the ball position? Did you know that any wall, fence, stake, or railing declaring a course boundary or out of bounds is NOT an immovable object (even though it is man made). If you want relief in that situation you can take 2 club lengths and a stroke. But if the object is an electrical box or a shelter or an irrigation object or anything declared an immovable obstruction by the club you do get relief. Since you do not incur a stroke you get 1 club length (any club) no closer to the hole. Take a look at this video for a clearer picture. Let me know what you think.

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