Why Aren’t More Women Playing Golf?

Golf ClubSox golf head covers

Sally sports her Flame ClubSox

It’s a fact: six million women are playing golf today. That may seem like a large number but they make up only 6% of golfers worldwide.  Golf researcher Nancy Berkley tells us that 22% of all golfers in the US are females 6 years and older. That number is down a bit from the high in 2006 when 6.5 million were playing golf according to Nancy.  So what entices women to play the game?

Some play for business

In a man’s world many a deal has been made on the course over a friendly game.  Now that more women are in the office, more are handling business on the course.

Some for socializing

Many women feel, at any age, that they can spend time with their spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends and their kids on the course.  I know a woman in her 90’s still playing a few holes of golf.  Now that’s my model!

Some play for accomplishment or fitness

Everyone feels pride and accomplishment putting a 10-footer into the hole, making a great chip shot landing it close to the pin or hitting a great drive.

Then there are still other ladies who just love the visual experience of being on the course.  The landscaping is magnificent, the birds are singing, and the smell of freshly cut grass is in the air.  The score is not important; it is the experience that brings you back.

With all these great reasons to play golf why aren’t more women playing?  How can we encourage more to join our enthusiasm, our pleasure, and our joy of GOLF?

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