Emily Gimpel – Tour Professional Endorses Golf ClubSox

We are proud to announce Symmetry Tour player, Emily Gimpel, has endorsed Golf ClubSox.  She has a custom set of head covers taking care of her most precious tools of the trade as she works her way through her rookie year on the tour!  Not only are her ClubSox in her favorite colors but they match her bag and her golfing attire.  Hear is what Emily has to say about her ClubSox experience:

“I have gotten so many compliments on Tour about my Golf ClubSox! They match my golf bag perfectly, are so professional, and the colors are fantastic!”

“Golf ClubSox are the most customizable headcovers I have seen! The stylish designs can be created to match your favorite sports team, college, or just your favorite colors like me!”

“Golf ClubSox are the most professional, colorful, and unique headcovers out there! They really make your golf bag stand out!”

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