Rules of Golf – Video Explaination

Now that the weather has gotten cold and for the most part we have put our clubs away perhaps this is the time to  review the rules of golf at our leisure.  I have read  the USGA rules book and I have gone to local rules review courses but I don’t know the rule when I need it.  My goal is to review as many rules for which I can fine good videos. In my book a picture is worth a thousand words and that includes videos.  I will start with rules of the water hazard.  My club has just put in water on several holes and the red and yellow stakes are all screaming for attention.  I think this video explains all the options from start to finish with the most clarity.  Liz McKinnon does a great job  showing the options and clearly takes us through the challenges of where to take relief and how to drop your ball in both red and yellow hazard situations.  I hope this is helpful to you, and enjoy. Please leave your comments below.

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