Why Do Men Think Ladies Cannot Play Golf?

afraid to look golfer thumnailWhy do you think that men treat woman like they cannot play golf?  Are we inferior golfers? Are we slow players? Do we spend infinite time looking for our golf balls? Do we walk or drive slowly? I believe that answer to all these questions is NO! I had an experience at my club this week that brought this question to the forefront. Here is what happened.  We were the first group off on the course and we were walking. It was a gorgeous day in the Washington DC area with temps in the high 60’s and no humidity. Very unusual for late July. We teed off and played the first 2 holes. As we approached the 3rd hole 2 men in a cart rolled up, hesitated, and then rushed on ahead of us to the 4th tee. That did not bother us as we thought that they were in a rush. While on the 3rd green we noticed that the men were still on the 4th tee. Golfer #1 up: one ball OB and then another. He teed up a 3rd ball and hit it in the rough before meeting the fairway. The men were looking for the ball in the rough while we waited on the tee box. Did they rush in front because they were in a hurry and thought we would be too slow? Did they think that they had priority because they were men? Were they in a rush (it sure did not look like it)? Just why do you think that they could not wait their turn as we all had call ahead tee times? What makes some men think they are more important than the woman on the course?  I know many, and that is a large number of very good female golfers.  They don’t award unreasonable gimmie putts, they hit the ball long and straight and make many greens in regulation.  I think it may be the ladies attitude on the course. Women make golf fun! They like to talk and socialize says Birdie Babe of hackgolf.org. Women are enjoying themselves while playing. You just might enjoy this video first shared by GolfBelles.com which I thought was a riot. Perhaps a bit over the top but you’ll get the point.

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